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  • Information notice regarding our gastro departments:

It is prohibited to sell or serve alcoholic beverages to persons under 18 years of age. The sale of tobacco products and e-cigarettes to anyone under 18 years of age is also prohibited.

  • How do you get to us? 


PODOLÍ SWIMMING STADIUM, Podolská 74, Prague 4

Public transport:

Kublov tram stop, tram line No. 2, 3,17, 21

  • Bicycle deposit:

Bike deposit is free of charge for our visitors with a valid ticket.

Coupons can be picked up at the cash desk. Information is also available at PSP security guards.

  • Car parking:

Paid parking is available in front of the PSP complex. However, the capacity of public parking is limited.

  • Payment possibility - use of Benefit programs:

Employer benefits program in the form of sports activity contributions:

You can send your order with your employer's invoicing details and product or service specifications to the Podolí Swimming Stadium email address. You can also bring the invoice in person to the PSP cash desk. In case of email, we will issue an invoice, which we will send to your employer. After payment of the invoice, you can pick up the ordered product at the PSP check desk, 30 days from payment at the latest. More information you can get via our contact form on our website.

  • Use of benefits companies' services: (only at the main cash desk)

For the payment of the services of the Podolí Swimming Stadium, it is possible to use the benefit system provided by Benefit a.s. Benefit Plus or Multisport Benefit. Orders and payments must be made according to the instructions and rules of individual benefit companies, which are available on the websites of the above-listed companies. Podolí Swimming Stadium has three working days to process.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT BENEFIT PLUS CARD PAYMENTS.

  • Acceptance of payment vouchers:

We accept the following types of payment vouchers at the cash desk, restaurant and rehabilitation of the Podolí Swimming Stadium:

SODEXO Flexi Pass, Fokus Pass, Vital Pass, Relax Pass, Flexi Pass individual a Dárkový Pass

EDENRED Ticket Multi, Sport&Culture and Gift

THE CHEQUE Dárkový,Cadhok Unišek a Unišek+

MultiSport card

Each department accepts only vouchers related to their services.

E.g. vouchers marked gastro (meal vouchers) are accepted only at the gastro operations of the Podolí Swimming Stadium, not at the ticket office or in rehabilitation.

  • Turnstile Automatic Electronic check-in system:

Tickets can be purchased at the cash desk of the Podolí swimming stadium, according to the valid pricelist.

The time of stay started from the time of validation in the turnstile system.

All tickets (including points) are set to a single entry and single exit. Therefore, please take care when you insert the card into the turnstile and leave the paid area.

In the case of barcode tickets, avoid damage to code.

Point tickets - entry is valid for one person per day. One point has a value of 1 CZK. The minimum number of points for entering is 52. The point's balance can be checked at the turnstile or the checkpoint opposite the cash desk at the main entrance. More information can be found in the price list.

It is possible to rent a chip to the wardrobe for a refundable deposit of 200 CZK at turnstiles. However, this deposit is not refunded in case of loss or damage to the chip.

We recommend storing valuable items and documents in safety lockers located just behind the turnstiles.

Cash is not refunded for any purchased services.

  • News and information to your email:

We will be please to send you directly the up-to-date information about the Podolí Swimming Stadium. Therefore, please send your email address with the text -"I am interested in the up-to-date information" to info@pspodoli.cz or use the form in the CONTACT  section. 

  • Laundry and mangling service:

Service for the public and our visitors - washing and pressing straight laundry in our professional laundry. The price for 1 kg of washed and managed laundry is 39 CZK, including VAT. Information and orders on phone +420 603 290 505 or e-mail: maresova@pspodoli.cz

When visiting Podolí, you can mix business with pleasure.